Welcome to how to grow bamboo from seeds.

Paul and myself are trying to grow bamboo from seed. We will give step by step examples on how we did this with success.
If you be patient with us we will over time tell of how we did this for there isn't any info hardly about how to do this.
We received all our bamboo seeds from
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The seeds should be sown in cat litter.
Please be very sure that you are using cat litter on mineral basis (plain clay) which is non clumping, non scented,
and do NOT use the silica gel type, the clay-like or clay clumping type.
The advantage, cat litter is absolutely germ-free.
Use plastic pot that you have put several holes in the bottom, and fill with cat litter and put the seeds on top.
 Fill your pots with the cat litter then dunk them to just below the top of the pot in water.
Take them out of the water.

We spaced the 10 seeds equally apart as we used one of the smaller containers,  which is about four or five inches long
and about three inches wide,  you buy for storing food. You know the cheap plastic containers.
Then cover the seeds with a very thin layer of cat litter. Put the plastic pot inside a zipper lock closure type,
  which should be a bit larger than the plastic pot you are using.
 Fill with as much water (with fertilizer  - use the recommended strength dilution of e.g. 10-10-10
water soluble house plant fertilizer) on the bottom of the bag as the cat litter can absorb, and then fill some more water
 (about 0.25 inch, or 6 mm) on the bottom of the bag, which should remain enclosing the pot. Then seal bag closed.

As you can see we used a stereo cabinet and put the light bulb on the bottom and put the bag
with the containers on top and put a thermometer next to the seeds in the bag. We close the door to keep heat in.
Now you only have to take care about the temperature, around 86 F for bamboo seeds
and between 68 F - 86 F for all other seeds and put the plastic bag in a place with enough bright daylight, but no direct sun.

If the seed temp gets over 100 degrees, the seeds will die.  So I have heard.  

After about 7 days they will be sprouting. Well ours did..
We bought three kinds. 1. The black bamboo Bambusa Lako sprouted the first in six days and then the rest of them sprouted the next day.
We had ten seeds and nine sprouted.
The Bambusa Ventricosa came up the nineth day and it seems like only five of them came up. We will see if more sprout.
The Himalayacalamus falconeri - candy cane bamboo hasn't sprouted at all and have been about two weeks.
I have read that some bamboo doesn't sprout for three weeks to a month. I will keep you posted.
We waited about three  or four days after that and transplanted them Bambusa Lako.
Below are the pictures when we of took them and transplanted them into
potting soil with mulch and I put some kitty litter for better drainage.  See pictures below.
Taken 11/30/09
Just make sure the bamboo gets watered about two or three times a day.  I hear some people also spray them.



Well it is 12/10/09

Here are the pictures as of 12/10 of the two bamboo that we started.
As you can see the second bamboo sprouted. This is the
Bambusa Ventricosa.
Only five sprouted of this type of bamboo.
The Himalayacalamus never did sprout and Paul looked in the cat litter and there wasn't any seeds.
Maybe they were old or just wasn't good seeds.  I don't know.
But i am very excited about the ones that did sprout. 
I was told by the bamboo guy here in Tillamook oregon that it is impossible to start bamboo seeds.
I have nine that proves him wrong.  Yahooooooooo. : )
Pictures are below.

These are the ones that are above. Black Lako... They are doing quite well.
We had freezing weather around 15 degrees here in Oregon Coast and put a heat lamp in with the plants to keep them above 60.
The chicken wire is to keep the cats out.

This is the Buddha belly bamboo or Bambusa Ventricosa that just came up.


January 24th 2010

Sorry it has been so long before i updated. Happy New year to you.
Here are some added pictures i took today.
The bamboo looked as if it was growing and then it looked like it wasn't going to make it. This went on awhile.
Putting up new top shoots and then looking like it was going to die.
We put a back on the grow box and covered all the wholes on the grow box.
Then most of the leaves turned white and we found out maybe the bamboo wasn't getting enough co2
in the grow box. 

In oregon the temp outside is about 40-50 degrees and at night a little cooler. Well we don't
heat the upstairs where we sleep and the grow box is, so it gets cool up here, so we put them in the grow box described above
except we put a back on the grow box and took the chicken wire off. Painted the inside white.
The bamboo shot up new shoots just recently after we put a fan to bring in fresh air or co2 from the back of the grow box.

Well here are the pictures.

C Click picture to enlarge.


Here is the Lako black bamboo. it did better than the buddha belly bamboo.

aHere is the buddha belly
I I think we are going to transplant soon. Put them in their own pots. After three month the rhizones start to begin and the roots will grow very fast.
The will become intangled into each other.

Surprisingly we didn't loose any bamboo. There are sprouts shooting up this week.
For fertilizer i put a few drop of miracle grow per on of those larger yellow mustard containers.
Easy to squeeze top to direct the flow of water.

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